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dispatchGate for WiPath MDT

The dispatchGate Engine dispatches job and messages out to the WiPath Mobile Data Terminals.

The WiPath MDT:

  • Allows multiple jobs
  • Displays job details
  • Structured job status flow
  • Send and receive messages
  • Flexible return field data
  • Return field data type validation
  WiPath Mobile Data Terminal

Once a job has been received by the MDT a 'job received' status is automatically sent to the dispatchGate software.

The WiPath MDT has a structured job status flow to ensure that the MDT user does not skip statuses.

The MDT user can enter data into return fields so that it is associated with the job record.

To learn more about WiPath either call us or go to their web site at www.WiPath.co.nz

  WiPath Job Details
WiPath Return Feilds
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