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dispatchGate for Navman MDT

The dispatchGate Engine dispatches job and messages out to the Navman Mobile Data Terminals.

The Navman MDT:

  • Allows multiple jobs
  • Displays job details
  • Job status flow based on 'canned' messages
  • Send and receive job related or unrelated messages
  • Navman Online AVL benefits


  Navman Mobile Data Terminal GPS
      Navman MDT Job Details

Once a job has been received by the Mobile Data Terminal and it has acknowledged this back to the server the job status in the dispatchGate software is updated to Job Received.

Job status changes can be instigated from the MDT by selecting one of the jobs 'canned' messages.

To learn more about Navman's MDT's either call us or go to their web site at www.navmanwireless.co.nz


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